Magician For International Events

On an international level, Collin’s magic overcomes language barriers by performing stunning visual effects that get fantastic reactions. He has performed for Sheikh’s in the Middle East, CNBC’s EastTechWest in China, Virgin Atlantic in Chicago, Microsoft in Berlin and many more incredible organisations and Brands.

Close up Magic has no barriers, it can be enjoyed by everyone. The inspiration, the laughter, the fun needs no translation, all over the world it makes people smile.

As an added bonus, Collin can perform fluently in German, as well as in his native English.

“EastTechWest’ s our biggest global CNBC event. Our theme was technology, and Coll’s slick, relaxed, ‘Street Magic’ performance hit all the right spots with this crowd. Our guests were also generally very senior, CEOs and government leaders, which Coll handled perfectly, keeping them engaged and enthralled at all times. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Max Raven - CNBC

International Event Magician, Collin Claus, performing with the Magician "X"

Performing in Dubai alongside Marc Spellman. Marc is perhaps better known as the magician, “X”.